RSA Course available in Class, Online or by email

In order to start working in restaurants, bars and at catering events industry in Sydney and throughout NSW you need to do obtain the RSA certificate.

Any position that involves the service of alcohol requires a Responsible Service of Alcohol course (also known as an RSA training). The RSA course is a nationally accredited course which means you can work in most states in Australia with the same certificate. The RSA Course is suitable for bar staff, waiters, bottle shop attendants and anyone else working in licensed premises serving alcohol.

Please note: Each state has it’s own liquor legislation and it’s own RSA requirements particular to that state. You may need to get more than one certificate if you hope to work in different states in Australia. Some courses are accredited for multiple States.

Please note that the online RSA course is not available to foreign students on sub class 500 visas

Why do I need to complete a Responsible Service of Alcohol course?

In Australia, it is against the law to serve alcohol to an intoxicated or underage person. If proven, there are severe penalties for both the employers and employees involved, especially in case of injury. This is why it is mandatory in most States for all staff who serve alcohol to complete one of the Responsible Service of Alcohol courses. In New South Wales (NSW) the course can be done by email or in a classroom.

Get certified today to start work tomorrow. Good luck !!!